About Me

meWhen I moved to Kansas after a lifetime in Ohio, I thought I had vanquished the wanderlust bug.  For awhile, it seemed I was perfectly content to stay.right.here on 27 prairie acres with our animal menagerie.

But alas, after 3 years I began to feel that little bug again.  A small spark of desire would shoot through me when I read about or saw something on TV about Yellowstone, or northern California, or Dominica, or {insert any-cool-place here}.

After a trip to Maui in November 2012 with my sister, mom and close friend, it was obvious the travel bug had bitten me again.  A return trip to Hawaii and Oahu in March 2013 with my husband assuaged the travel beast in me for a few months, but as autumn descends upon us (with winter barking at its heels) I feel the inevitable urge to see a new place.  Local or far-flung, it does not really matter to me, as long as it’s new to my brain and my soul.

This blog will document where I’ve been, and showcase where I want to go.

Travel along with me in my reveries… armchair travels can be just as fun as the real thing.

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